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The Iranian military revealed its newest naval vessel over the weekend – a Fateh class submarine.

First announced in 2011, the Fateh, or ‘Conqueror’, is one of two submarines from the Fateh class. The boat was reportedly completed in December 2013, the Iranian military said, but underwent extensive testing, beginning in 2014.

The Fateh is Iran’s first semi-heavy submarine, Mehr reported, weighing just under 600 tons.

The new boat will be able to remain submerged at below 200 meters underwater for five weeks.

According to Iran’s Tasnim outlet, the Fateh is equipped with a guided-missile system for launching cruise missiles and is armed with four torpedoes, two reserve torpedoes, and eight mines.

Aside from the Fateh, Iran’s military is also working on two new submarines, both significantly larger than the Fateh class. One boat is estimated at 1,300 tones, the second at 3,200, Tasnim reported.

Maysam Bizar, an Iranian political commentator, called the unveiling of the Fateh a message intended to create a “deterrent factor” against the US.

"There are definitely messages, which are being conveyed to Washington,” Bizar told Al Jazeera.