Walter Bingham and John Bolton
Walter Bingham and John BoltonBy PR

Walter Bingham was born in Germany in 1924. He left his parents' home at age 14 to study, and while he was away, his father was arrested and subsequently murdered by the Nazis. Walter returned to be with his mother, who arranged for him to join a Kindertransport, meant to save the lives of Jewish children by bringing them to England. Children as young as 4 or 5 traveled without any adults watching over them, while Walter was one of the older children.

Walter and some of his friends lived on a communal farm called a Kibbutz, mirrored after the Israeli kibbutz model, with the intention of making Aliyah to Israel one day. Instead, Walter was drafted in the British army as an ambulance driver. He fought in many battles, and took part in the Normandy Invasion, for which he received a medal of honor 70 years after the event took place. He interrogated the Nazi foreign minister, Joachim Von Ribbentrop. He also received a military medal on the field from King George VI.

At the age of 22, Walter was finally reunited with his beloved mother, who had also survived the horrors of the Holocaust, and was residing in Switzerland. "It was the most emotional moment of my life," Walter recalls.

Throughout his life, Walter has done many things and learned many skills. He worked for many years as a businessman. He taught himself to fix various types of electronic equipment. Walter also acquired the highest possible pilot's license, and continues to fly to this day. In addition to everything else, Walter has acted in a number of movies and television shows.

Walter Bingham
Walter BinghamBy PR

Today, at the age of 95, Walter continues to work at Arutz 7 as an experienced radio journalist, though he was rejected at age 80 for being too old to host a show on a different Israeli station.

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