The controversial banner ad on the hotel
The controversial banner ad on the hotelHazon movement

An organization promoting traditional family values has launched a campaign against a hotel chain, after one of the chain’s establishments in Jerusalem removed a banner advertisement and denounced the ad as “racist”.

On Wednesday, the Prima Park Hotel in Jerusalem removed a banner advertisement put up by a private ad company, which rents space on the hotel’s exterior walls.

The ad was paid for by the Hazon (Vision) movement, an organization established ahead of the elections for the 21st Knesset, with the goal of promoting traditional Jewish values in the public sphere.

“A Father + A Mother = A Family. The courage to be normal,” read the advertisement.

Following complaints from LGBT activists, the ad was removed, and Prima CEO Avi Dor offered an apology on the company’s Facebook account.

“I am sorry and I apologize for the offensive sign which was put up on the wall of the Prima Park Hotel in Jerusalem.”

Dor went on to describe the pro-traditional family banner as “racist”.

“The advertisement was put up by an outside advertising company which we rent ad space to. After we noticed the offensive and racist advertisement, which we totally condemn and distance ourselves from, the sign was removed. We will work to ensure that in the future, every sign is checked before it goes up on the hotel’s wall. I thank everyone who brought this to our attention, and again, we are sorry for the harm this sign caused.”

In the wake of Prima’s decision to remove the ad, the Hazon movement launched a campaign to pressure the hotel’s management to restore the banner.

“Recently, the banner sign which read ‘A Father + A Mother = A Family’ was removed by the Prima hotels chain, even though it was lawfully put up and paid for,” Hazon wrote in an appeal to supporters.

“A father and mother = a family. Period. That is so Jewish, so Israeli. It’s so simple. Let’s help the managers of the Prima hotels put the banner back in its place!”