US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered remarks US-Polish conference on Middle East held in Warsaw.

“The United States is delighted to see representatives from more than 60 countries, NATO, and the European Union for being here today. This is truly a historic gathering in its diversity," he said, adding that "This broad cross section of participants shows the magnitude of the challenges we face, and our commitment to tackling them together."

"As a testament to our seriousness of purpose, I want to reflect on the historic dinner that took place last night. Arab and Israeli leaders were in the same room, sharing a meal, and exchanging views."

"They all came together for one reason: to discuss the real threats to our respective peoples emanating from the Middle East.

"The United States seeks a new era of cooperation between all of our countries on how to confront these issues. This is why we’ve organized this Ministerial.

"The composition of that dinner reflects President Trump’s diplomatic commitment to bring nations together in new ways to solve old problems. That is our mission today, and I hope you will all take it seriously.

"We want to bring together countries with an interest in stability to share their different views, and break out of traditional thinking.

"Our talks today are important. But this conference cannot be the end. We need action beyond today.

"Syria. Yemen. Proliferation. The peace process. Terrorism. Iran. Cybersecurity. Humanitarian crises. None of the region’s challenges will solve themselves. We must work together for security.

"So let today be the start of the conversation. As I said in Cairo a few weeks ago, the United States will continue to lead on Middle East security issues. We will continue to be a force for good. Today is proof of that commitment..

"We hope new partnerships emerge from today’s talks. We need not be bound by the past, when a bright future demands new cooperation.”