Scene of searches
Scene of searches Judea and Samaria police

A father and his five children have been located in the Judean Desert by a police helicopter, after having gone missing this morning. Forces are now preparing to extricate the family.

Extensive searches were underway this evening, Wednesday, to locate the family, which had been hiking this morning in Nahal Darga and with whom contact had since been lost.

Large forces of police and volunteers conducted searches in the Dead Sea area and a police helicopter was dispatched to assist in the search and direct the forces on the ground.

The family is from one of the communities in the Binyamin Regional Council and the youngest member is a 12-year-old. They set out this morning for a hike in the wadi and had not returned since. The six were seen during the day by hikers on the path and their car was found in the area.

Police forces and volunteers with the "Megillot" rescue unit have been taking part in the search efforts.