Ori Ansbacher/Scene of murder
Ori Ansbacher/Scene of murderYonatan Zindel, Flash 90

Naama Cohen, murdered Ori Ansbacher's aunt, spoke in an interview on the 'Kalman&Lieberman' Show on Kan about her niece, the 19 year old found murdered on Thursday.

The body of Ori Ansbacher was found in the wooded area Ein Yael near the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo after she had been being reported missing earlier that day.

“Ori was an amazing girl, a girl full of love,” said Naama. “Unfortunately, many family members did not receive the official message in a proper way, but through the media, which published it [the story] before the family knew.”

Naama also spoke of her last conversation with Ori, who filled her in on her experiences in the National Service. “Every time she came her hug was strong, given with all her heart.”

“She told us about National Service – working with youth, she enjoyed it and gave it her all. In every young person, she tried to see his soul, despite the difficulties,” she said.

Later in the conversation, the aunt wondered why it was so urgent to inform the family of the terrorist’s apprehension on Friday night, in middle of the night.

“They knocked on the door in the middle of the night, on Shabbat, to update us that the terrorist was caught. For what? Who needs it?”

The suspect is a 29 year old Arab who had been apprehended twice in the past and had served time in prison.