Peretz and Smotrich
Peretz and SmotrichHadas Parush, Flash 90

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, is calling on religious Zionist rabbis to intervene and to get the heads of right-wing parties Otzma Yehudit, Jewish Home, National Union, Yahad, and Zehut together around a table.

"Due to miniscule ideological extremes which almost nobody on the outside can discern without a microscope and personal disputes about one place or another that are so irrelevant in the big picture, because all of them are good people, a situation like in ‘92 is liable to come about, whereby the right has a majority but we bury our heads in our hands and get Oslo.”

Dagan warned that a “technical bloc” of allied parties must be built. "It will be a serious mistake if the right now loses power because of irrelevant ego debates, and the responsibility will be on those people who failed to stop everything in order to reach agreements and save at least 10 Knesset seats of the religious ZIonist public."

Dagan spoke after polls indicated that none of the five parties exceeds the electoral threshold alone, but that together they yield about 13 Knesset seats.