Oren Hazan driving home point
Oren Hazan driving home point Flash 90

MK Oren Hazan, who did not win a realistic spot in the Likud's recent primaries, criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu and claimed he acted to prevent his election.

In an interview 'Meet the Press', Hazan claimed that the prime minister had suggested that he be an ambassador. "Netanyahu did everything to prevent me from being part of the Likud list, and by the way, I will reveal a secret - he even suggested that I be an ambassador - 'Put your finger where you want on the globe and I will appoint you'" said Hazan.

"I have the courage to disobey the king long before you are in the media," Hazan added, "I was the first to say that the State of Israel can not serve as prime minister with an indictment. I called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to take time off to deal with his problems, because I saw what is happening now, that he has to deal with it just before elections, and that I paid a price. ""

"I do not object to this because when the Likud is run like a royal house, and as we said, I am not a prince, but the prime minister thinks he is a king. In the end, anyone who dares to say that the king is naked pays the price."

Hazan is currently attempting to land himself a Knesset spot with the far-right Otzma Yehudit after failing to get a realistic spot on the Likud list.

Associates have Hazan have reached out to Otzma Yehudit's leadership to discuss the lawmaker's possibilities with the party.

The report was confirmed by Otzma Yehudit, who said that it was examining the possibility of adding Hazan to their list "out of responsibility for the votes of the ideological right, and unlike certain parties who prefer to ignore the responsibility for tens of thousands of votes that could be lost, thus repeating the disaster in 1992 and bringing about the support of a leftist government".

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