al-Muayyir village
al-Muayyir villageno credit

On Friday, hundreds of residents from the al-Muayyir village rioted near the Alon road in the Binyamin region. Rioters threw stones at IDF soldiers and vehicles driven by Jews on the Alon road.

The Saturday before, residents of the Adei Ad Jewish town were attacked with stones and iron bars by rioters from the same village, after they were alerted by a teenager who was attacked and stabbed right outside the town.

As part of the Ein L'zion project of the Otzma Yehudit party, photographer Ari Kaniel documented the riots and the movements of the rioters with the intention of transferring the photographers to the IDF and Israel Police.

Otzma Yehudit Attorney Itamar Ben’Gvir said on Friday, “We have to liquidate the terrorist nest in the village of al-Mu’ayyir and will send the photographs of the rioters to the police and the IDF today. In contrast to the Aisha Rabi episode, we do not need DNA to stop the rioters, and we are certain that the Nationalistic Crime Unit will launch an investigation parallel to the investigation of Adei Ad’s emergency response squad.”

Ben-Gvir added, “The riots today [Friday] prove the description of the emergency response squad, more than anything else, of the hundreds of Arabs who stoned them, and we demand that the IDF fully back up the emergency response squad."