Ayoub Kara
Ayoub KaraMarc Israel Sellem/Flash 90

Likud members who claim to be loyal to Prime Minister Netanyahu are not satisfied with Communications Minister Ayoub Kara and are working to prevent him from being named on the Likud's list for the upcoming elections, journalist Akiva Novik reported Saturday evening.

According to the report, the campaign to effectively end Minister Kara's political career stem from his performance as Communications Minister and his prediction that there would not be any major protests from the Druze community against the Nationality Law.

In recent days, an anonymous campaign signed by a body called "The Faithful of the Prime Minister" for "the acts of Minister Karra." The video portrays Kara as a fifth column, a failure, and embarrassment, and accuses him of disliking the prime minister's wife, Sarah Netanyahu.

Minister Kara responded to the campaign: "In recent days, anonymous and cowardly elements have been distributing videos in which there is an attempt to spoil my relations with the staff of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. I want to inform those hostile elements that my relationship with the Prime Minister and the deep friendship between us is strong and stable and will continue to be so forever. On this occasion, I wish the Prime Minister many more years of good leadership of the people of Israel and the advancement and development of the state."