A delegation of about 40 UN ambassadors visited the City of David on Friday. They were led by Israel's UN Ambassador, Danny Danon.

The ambassadors met Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, Israel Priza laureate David Be'eri and Vice-President of the City of David Foundation Doron Spielman.

Leon told Arutz Sheva: "I am excited to be here and I have no doubt that they will become our ambassadors in their countries and in the UN. I have no doubt that they are touched by the history of Jerusalem."

Danon showed the ambassadors a 2,000 year old Hebrew coin that was used by the Jewish rebels just before the destruction of the Second Temple.

"The relationship between the Jewish people and its eternal capital, Jerusalem, began over 3,000 years ago," he declared, "and this coin is only one of the many proofs of this. No UN decision can erase this bond, and no one can argue with this archaeology."