Drone view of Gaza border riot
Drone view of Gaza border riotFlash 90

Israel relayed a warning message to Gaza terror group Hamas, through mediators, demanding Hamas stop the riots along the border fence or face an Israeli military campaign.

Israel's message was: "Warn Hamas – elections will not prevent a military campaign."

This, according to Channel 2 news.

The head of the charity committee of Hamas, Ahmad Kurd, announced that the Gaza government will distribute compensation money to about 4,000 of the rioters who were hurt in confrontations with Israel.

Channel 2 News reported that the payments will be made through banks in Gaza.

Kurd revealed that anyone seriously wounded – including cases in which limbs were lost – will receive 600 shekels. For lighter injuries – the compensation will be 300 shekels.

The Arabs reported yesterday that at least 32 people were wounded by IDF fire, in the 45th consecutive week of riots along the border with Israel. About 10,000 people rioted for several hours in several locations, throwing IEDs, hand grenades and rocks at IDF soldiers.