Chairman Smotrich
Chairman Smotrich Flash 90

Turning IDF soldiers into criminal offenders harms security and lives, and the Military Prosecutor again has lost its common sense and harmed the IDF.

Criminal prosecution and demanding active prison sentences for fighters who saw their comrades' bodies after they were murdered and participated in arresting the terrorist accomplices is a folly that cannot be accepted.

The heroes of the IDF who we send to fight in our name against a cruel enemy deserve backing even if they erred, not abandoning them in the name of a distorted legalistic morality.

Even if the fighters were mistaken, it can be dealt with in disciplinary and not criminal proceedings. Criminal prosecution of fighters for acts carried out in the line of duty should be the last resort to be taken in extreme cases only.

This is far from the case even if unjustified violence was used by the fighters against those who helped murder their comrades-in-arms.

In the next Knesset, the party under my leadership will with G-d's help advance a law for fighter's immunity that will prevent such absurd situations.

MK Betzalel Smotrich is Chairman of the National Union

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