Cell phone (illustrative)
Cell phone (illustrative)ISTOCK

The IDF is encouraging officers to join the cellular program that was formed for them in cooperation with Cellcom, but does not reveal to them that they will have to give up their privacy in order to enjoy the attractive cellular prices.

Those who choose communications packages formulated for them in an agreement between the Ministry of Defense and Cellcom sign a contract allowing the IDF to enter the device and search the information stored in it, to view the details of accounts, and to monitor the uses of the device.

The contract, which was obtained by Arutz Sheva, states that the Ministry of Defense will be allowed to view the details of officers’ accounts, including the details of calls and all the other uses made by cellular devices.

In April 2018, Cellcom again won a tender by the Israel Defense Forces and the Ministry of Defense to continue to provide them with cellular services for the next three years, during which officers can join the cellular package for them and enjoy benefits reserved for IDF employees only.

R., a career army officer who recently asked to join Cellcom's cellular package, was surprised to discover the clause that expropriates his right to privacy. "I do not understand why you should give up any legal right to privacy on your device, and why the army needs to be given access to my device, including songs and Whatsapp messages. It’s crazy.”