Zehut launches election campaign
Zehut launches election campaign Spokesperson

Moshe Feiglin’s Zehut party on Wednesday evening launched its election campaign at an event held at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds and attended by Zehut candidates and party supporters.

Feiglin presented the party's candidates for the 21st Knesset and said in a keynote speech that "there are great tidings here. Never before has a party been established in Israel that respects the citizen and his intelligence, a party so formulated and detailed, a party which has an identity and does not rely on the rejection of other publics.”

"From here, Israel is embarking this evening on a new road. We are taking the amazing energy from here to every corner of Israel. We cannot waste another generation on leadership without a purpose," Feiglin stressed.

Feiglin was followed by the three candidates who were ranked in the top three spots on Zehut’s Knesset list.

Stand up comedian Gadi Wilcherski, who announced he would be joining the party, said, "People asked me why Zehut? Why not Likud or Labor or Lapid? I look at what is going on in politics today and aside from MK Zoabi (who has left) I do not believe anyone. I see only selfish egoists who are hungry for power, power thirsty people for whom the welfare of the people is marginal, as opposed to their personal welfare.”

"And here comes someone crazy enough not to play the game and pay a price for it. Feiglin could have been one of Netanyahu's yes men today, with a good job and a handsome salary, but yet this crazy man would rather tell his truth and go with it all the way,” added Wilcherski.