Bennett Flash 90

New Right party head Education Minister Naftali Bennett attacked the Resilience to Israel party Chairman Benny Gantz this morning in an interview with Army Radio.

"Benny Gantz crowned Yihya Sinwar and he was a bad Chief of Staff. Throughout his career, Gantz has always chosen to cut and run. And in Lebanon he led the withdrawal and abandoned our partners, the SLA."

Bennett attacked the new union of Ya'alon and Gantz: "The last time they were together it ended very badly with 30 terrorist tunnels, and Ganz crowned Yihya Sinwar.

"In the final analysis, the supreme goal of a commander is war, and in Protective Edge he did everything together with Ya'alon to tell us we needn't destroy tunnels and it will be all right.

"They're good people, they gave themselves to the State and invested much," added Bennett, "but they closed their eyes, didn't allow the tunnels to be dealt with, and finally I look at the whole - I see what we've done in recent years in Syria and Iran. In the final analysis Gantz didn't come through."

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