riot on Gaza border
riot on Gaza borderAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

The Supreme Court will hear tomorrow the petition filed by human rights organizations Gisha, Physicians for Human Rights and HaMoked: The Center for the Defense of the Individual. The organizations are demanding that the Defense Ministry change the processing of permits for residents of the Gaza Strip.

According to the organizations, the current procedure "reflects the bureaucratic violence inherent in the permit regime that Israel applies to the residents of the Gaza Strip."

"The time allotted by Israel to the current draconian procedure, between submitting the request and deciding whether to approve or refuse it, extends the processing of requests even in comparison to the procedure defined by Israel in 2015, disrupts life and prevents appeals. Many times the response to requests is prolonged beyond the time dictated by the procedure, and does not even come at all, blatantly ignoring Israel's obligations towards the residents and without security justification," the organizations claimed.

"The long schedules ignore appointments and events set at hard times and thus prevent residents from accessing essential medical treatments that are unavailable in Gaza or to implement scholarships, deny their ability to attend conferences and work meetings, and block participation in funerals or weddings or the ability to visit a critically ill family member.

"The extent and depth of Israel's control over the lives of the two million residents of the Gaza Strip make it responsible for the proper functioning of their lives. Instead of delaying and obstructing, and even avoiding any decision-making that has a decisive impact on their fate, Israel must deal with requests for a permit through its territory to fulfill their most basic needs,"