Iranian missiles
Iranian missilesReuters

General Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, referred for the first time to the espionage affair involving former minister Gonen Segev, whom he called "the Israeli cabinet minister who became a source of intelligence information."

The Iranian Desk of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs published the statements of Shamkhani, who added, "While the affairs of corruption are about to suffocate the Israeli prime minister, whose cabinet ministers have become a source of information for Iran and under whose feet hundreds of kilometers of tunnels have been dug, he creates unnecessary noise and still claims that his regime enjoys intelligence superiority. "

"Accurate missiles are in the strong hands of the resistance fighters in Gaza and Lebanon, and they are ready to fire at Israel if it commits an act of stupidity. The shooting of the missiles can make their lives hell,” Shamkhani said, threatening Israel.

He added that Iran would not accept any threat to the realization of its plans to increase the range and accuracy of its missiles.