Moti Almoz
Moti AlmozIDF Spokesperson

Gen. Moti Almoz, head of the IDF Manpower Directorate, spoke with Channel 12, addressing claims of “religionization” in the army and asserting that the IDF does not have to open all combat duties to women.

He is unmoved by reports of the military's strict interpretation of religious matters. "Where there is a need to explain and say that we were wrong and that we will fix it, we will do it."

Almoz explained that not every role is suitable for female soldiers and the public should understand this. "I don’t want to be the one who solves the problems of Israeli society. I do not think that female soldiers need to serve as combat soldiers in the classic infantry brigades like Paratroopers or Golani. In the end, a soldier has to take 90 kilos on his back on a stretcher, and travel with him 12 kilometers because he is wounded. Not only the capabilities, but also the needs of the army dictate."

The Forum of Military Rabbis in Reserves said in response, “Congratulations to Gen. Almoz, who rejected the ‘religionization’ claims of the so-called Secular Forum. It is clear that he is repairing the damage that was in the past, and understands that the purpose of the IDF is to win the war against the enemy, not against the friend. There are many solutions in order to preserve Halakhah in the best way, and good will is the key."