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Israel is becoming the world leader in sustainability

The start-up nation continues to thrive and is set to be the world leader in sustainability, something that has attracted significant amounts of overseas investment and acquisition from the US and Europe.

Israel has long become the nation known for its start-up culture, something that was instilled by the founders of the country in 1948 who passed on their entrepreneurial spirit. With technology emerging from the defense forces, other innovations such as the use of water purification from the desert have been a result of Israel's fight for survival.

Fast forward to 2019 and 90% of Israeli homes have solar power to heat their water and the Israeli government continues to work towards a transportation system which is independent of fuel.

In terms of the interest from abroad, foreign companies are trying to jump on the bandwagon of investing in energy and leveraging their potential. For example, Ormat, the world’s leading geothermal power producer, currently has plants in countries across the world including China, Japan and Myanmar.

Another Israeli-firm, Brightsource, powers the Ivanpah plant in California is the largest solar thermal power plant in the world and SolarEdge is a market leader for distributed solar power optimization with $100 million in sales per year.

One trailblazing Israel company is Emefcy which uses sewage-eating bacteria to produce green energy out of wastewater. Rather than using fuel energy, Emefcy’s uses solar energy, leaving barely any carbon footprint. This cutting edge-technology has attracted financial backing of Energy Technology Ventures, the joint venture capital arm of GE, ConocoPhilips and NRG Energy.

In other sectors, Bram Industies has created biodegradable packaging in the conflict area of Sderot – but their environment-friendly food packaging, is currently used by thousands of brands including Wallmart, Target, Tesco and Amazon.

In health, NanoLock has developed technology that kills bacteria inside dental implants before it can invade the body and cause infections – using polymer plastics that have anti-microbial properties.

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