Moshe Feiglin and Rabbi Amsalem
Moshe Feiglin and Rabbi AmsalemZehut spokesperson

Former Shas MK and chairman of the 'Am Shalem' movement Rabbi Chaim Amsalem announed that he is joining Moshe Feiglin's Zehut Party.

"In light of the situation on the issues of religious and secular relations, conversion, recruitment, work on the Shabbat, corruption in the religious establishment, increasing extremism and hostility, problems of refusal to divorce and agunot, and a host of social issues, the time has come to hear a different voice, in a moderate spirit and with the light of the Torah of Israel," Rabbi Amsalem said in his announcement.

He added, "There is a vacuum on the issue of religion and state in Israel, and the decline of religious parties shows that the public is desperate for an alternative, in a different spirit that has disappeared from the landscape of our lives."

The Zehut Party responded by stating: "We are happy to join the 'Am Shalem' movement and Rabbi Chaim Amsalem. Rabbi Amsalem connects to the identity of new and diverse audiences in the spirit of the party. The innovation and openness offered by Rabbi Amsalem are compatible with the revolution promoted by the Zehut Party and it is appropriate for him to lead the deep reforms which the religious services and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel need so much."

Moshe Feiglin, chairman of the Zehut Party, added that "Rabbi Chaim Amsalem is the most natural connection to the Zehut Party. He brings an authentic, embracing and moderate Judaism that is rooted in the Torah and accepts every Jew wherever he is."

The party said that Amsalem will receive one of the first places on the list of candidates for the 21st Knesset.