Roni Alsheikh
Roni Alsheikh Chen Galili

Former police commissioner Roni Alsheikh discussed the investigations against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday evening.

"Any attempt to entice me with all kinds of appointments and candies did not affect me. I called the Prime Minister's Office and informed him that all the promises were canceled. A police commissioner must be independent. I never questioned Netanyahu, I was careful not to sit in the room and not watch an interrogation," Alsheikh said at a conference of the Institute for National Security Studies, though he noted that he was aware of what was going on in the interrogations.

"I have to read, ask questions about the investigation materials. I read every word in the testimonies of the defendants, who are being interrogated under warning. The police cannot frame anyone, the police are accompanied by a prosecutor who knows every shred of evidence that exists,” he insisted.

He added that "the police's independence in this case is limited. I received threats. About a year before the interview on Uvda, private investigators were looking for these files. We knew who these investigators were and what they were dealing with.”

"It was important for me to give the police investigators the feeling that I was backing them. I never leaked information about Netanyahu. The journalists know that the police never leak from the investigations. The quotes come from lawyers,” said Alsheikh.

"I find it difficult to see a situation in which indictments are not filed against Netanyahu," the former commissioner concluded.

The Likud responded to the comments by saying that "Roni Alsheikh is repeating the false insinuation that Prime Minister Netanyahu sent private investigators against the police investigators. When the police commissioner believes in such a delusional conspiracy, how can a fair trial be expected?"

"It is no wonder that Alsheikh joins the pressure by the left on the Attorney General to file an indictment against Prime Minister Netanyahu," added the Likud.

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