youth who was nearly lynched
youth who was nearly lynchedEliran Aharon

M., the young man who was attacked this past Shabbat near the Israeli town of Adei Ad in Samaria, recalled the harrowing moments of the attack in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

"I went down from Adei Ad towards a [nearby] hill, where I passed by children who were playing, and when I reached to the hill, there were three Arabs waiting for me, shouting 'Itbah al Yahud' (Arabic for 'slaughter the Jew'). They tried to harm me in many different ways," he recalled.

"God gave me strength, and I managed to break free and escape. I ran past the kids [he had seen earlier] and shouted at them that there are terrorists approaching and that they need to run. At that point I saw that my hands were bleeding after they had stabbed me with a knife, and I ran to Adei Ad and called the security officer, who notified the emergency squad.

But the emergency squad was ambushed, in much the same way M. had been.

"When I was in the army ambulance I heard that the emergency squad members were reporting that they were in mortal danger and were calling for help, and they were in an ambush surrounded by some 300 Arabs who threw stones and pieces of metal at them."

"There are those who will say that I came to the ​​Arabs' territory and provoked them ... It's clear to me that it's just an invention. I was in an area which belongs to Adei Ad, very far from the Arabs' area," he added.

"We're in a bizarre situation here, where Jews are afraid to speak, because the media tries to make everything look like a 'price tag' incident." So-called 'Price Tag' incidents are acts of vandalism or arson committed by Jewish youths against Arab property.

"The Arabs are the aggressors, and the people who are causing most of the mess here are left-wing activists who are fomenting chaos in the entire area."