Eizenkot Chan Galili

Former IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot stated Sunday that the IDF has located all Hezbollah attack tunnels which were tug into Israeli territory.

Speaking at a conference at the Institute for National Security Studies, Eizenkot dismissed the claims of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah implying that the terrorist organization had more tunnels which had not been located.

"Our achievement cannot be disputed. we were used to hearing [the tunneling] once a week. Now it has been 10 weeks and we haven't heard anything. There is no basis for saying that there is tunneling that we have not found," Eizenkot said.

He also spoke about the change in Israel's policy of ambiguity regarding the recent bombing of Syria.

"In my interview with the New York Times, I said that in the past four years we have carried out thousands of attacks to benefit Israel's security," Eizenkot said.

He said that the operation in which Lieutenant Colonel M. was killed near Khan Younis in Gaza was be very significant: "This was supposed to be an activity that greatly contributes to our security."