Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Dana White spoke about her first trip to Israel Sunday, as part of a delegation led by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and including actress Roseanne Barr.

"It is such a thrill to be here, in the City of David," White said.

"It is my first time in Israel. I brought my mom, and it's her first time. It's been a dream of hers. So I was so grateful for the rabbi [Boteach]'s invitation. Israel is such an incredible partner to the United States and as a Christian it means so much to me. I touched the Kotel [Western Wall], and it's magical. So I'm grateful to be here. I'm grateful to the minister [Miri Regev], to the rabbi [Boteach] for having us here and I look forward to future visits here."

She later emphasized how thrilled she was to be in Israel with her mother, both for the first time, and the close partnership between the two countries.

"As a Christian, you have no idea how much I learnt about my own faith through Judaism. And it is a miracle to be here, to walk where Jesus has walked, to be in the City of David," she said.

White thanked Israel's culture minister Miri Regev, and American Rabbi Boteach. The latter who came on the delegation as well with Roseanne Barr.

"So thank you minister, thank you rabbi, for the invitation. Thank you Roseanne for creating this opportunity for me. Thank you so much. Thank you all"