The youth who was attacked
The youth who was attackedNone

A teenager recounted how he was stabbed Saturday afternoon in an ambush near the Adei Ad community, in the northern Binyamin region.

“On Saturday, I went out to pray privately about 200 meters from the town. I got there, and suddenly I saw three Arabs who encircled me. They attacked me, beat me and, at one point, attempted to drag me to the village.

“I managed to escape to Adei Ad and on the way, I saw there was blood. I looked and understood that they had stabbed me. I saw some kids close by and told them to go away. Apparently they didn't understand. I then alerted the emergency squad, which immediately sent the kids away and apparently went after the attackers."

An IDF Spokesperson stated, “earlier today, there was a physical attack between a number of Palestinians and a resident near Adei Ad, during which a civilian was lightly wounded and did not need an evacuation.”

The IDF also said, “The first details indicate that later, tensions between the residents and Palestinians in the area developed during which live fire was carried out by the residents. There is one Palestinian killed and a number of Palestinians wounded. IDF and Border Police forces rushed to the area and responded with riot dispersal measures. The disturbance has been dispersed.”

The Adei Ad community said, “At noon on Saturday, a group of hikers on the outskirts of the town were attacked with knives stabbings and severe violence by Arabs from the village of al-Mu’ayyir.

“One of the hikers was stabbed, and they managed to call for help. The forces in the regional alert stations were mobilized to rescue the hikers and to dispel any reports of a missing hiker. The forces were attacked with severe violence and the moment they sensed a tangible danger to their lives they responded by gunfire in the air,” the community said, adding, “Military forces that arrived at the scene and confronted dozens of Arabs who attacked the soldiers with severe violence.”

“The community of Adei Ad views with severity the repeated attacks by residents of the Arab villages in the region and calls on security forces to respond harshly and punish all the terror villages,” the community stated.

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