Maaleh Zeitim area in eastern Jerusalem
Maaleh Zeitim area in eastern JerusalemIsrael News Photo: JCDF

Arabs hurled three firebombs at Jews living in Jerusalem's Maaleh Zeitim on Friday evening, the latest assault on the community overlooking the Mount of Olives.

Jerusalem Councilman Aryeh King told Arutz Sheva that since the beginning of the year, 30 firebombs and over 200 bottles have been thrown at the neighborhood residents.

"It is a disgrace to the State of Israel, to the Shin BEt, and to anyone responsible for the security of the Jews," King said, adding that "during the Sabbath we saw no enforcement activity against suspicious Arabs."

King attacked the Shin Bet security service following the continued terror against the neighborhood. "The Shin Bet has recently found time to deal with small matters but has not yet investigated 200 attacks against Jews."