Arab car vandalized in Price Tag incident
Arab car vandalized in Price Tag incident Police spokesperson

Police are investigating a suspected ‘Price Tag’ incident in Samaria Friday morning.

Three private cars in the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Turmus Ayya, near the Israeli town of Shilo, were vandalized in a pre-dawn incident early Friday morning.

Security cameras filmed three people running towards the cars, smashing the windows and windshields, and then fleeing.

Israeli security forces are reportedly preparing to enter Turmus Ayya to escort Israeli police investigators as they collect evidence in the case.

So-called ‘Price Tag’ incidents are acts of vandalism and damage to Arab property by Israeli Jewish youths, often in retaliation for terror attacks or the evacuation of unauthorized settlement outposts. The term is derived from the slogan ‘Tag Mehir’ (Price Tag) which is often scrawled on Arab buildings or vehicles, in an attempt to link the vandalism to Arab terror attacks or settlement evacuations.