Yossi Dagan meets foreign journalists
Yossi Dagan meets foreign journalists Roi Hadi

The Foreign Relations Unit of the Samaria Regional Council held a visit to 40 foreign journalists from around the world as part of its cooperation with the Ministry of Strategic Affairs and the GPO.last weekend/

The journalists, including journalists from the leading news agencies in Japan, Germany and others, visited factories in the Barkan industrial zone where they learned about coexistence in the area. They visited the Mount Bracha winery and climbed Mount Kabir.

They also met with the council's spokeswoman, Esther Silam Alush, with the head of the Foreign Relations Division, Chen Ben-Lulu, and with the head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan. They asked to hear Dagan's opinion on the various issues.

One of the journalists slammed Dagan, asking: "Do you conduct tours in order to justify the occupation?"

"We do not have to justify anything," Dagan replied. The Jewish people have a right to this land. We respect the Arabs who live in the area, and we will be happy if they have a good life, but the land belongs to us. There is no nation that has a connection to its homeland like the Jews do in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. Even in the Bible and in books in which at least two-thirds of the world believe: the Koran and the New Testament, the connection of the Jewish people to these places is clarified. Even those who do not believe in these books know that this is a binding historical document, as is proven in archaeological findings everywhere in Judea and Samaria and throughout the country. The Jewish continuum is unequivocal, so we do not need to justify anything, so it is important for us to show how the boycott attempts are based on lies and why this place It is important and belongs to us."

After the conversation, many other journalists went on to say that this was an important and instructive tour that opened their eyes to many issues. Also participating in the tour was Yair Farhayman, head of the Civil Aviation Division at the Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

Dagan added: "We have been working to bring opinion leaders from all over the world for seven years, and we are pleased to host members of Congress, parliamentarians and influential people from all over the world, and to allow those who speak and write about Samaria without end to see reality as it really is."

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