stone-throwing terror
stone-throwing terrorYaakov Goelman/TPS

A 16-year-old boy who was arrested within the context of the investigation into the murder of Palestinian Arab woman Aisha Rabi and was released, related a trick played by police to extract information about his alleged involvement in stone-throwing incidents.

The minor, who lives in the north of the country and is studying at the "Pri Ha'aretz" yeshiva in Rehelim, is a member of a Whatsapp group for coordinating car rides. On the day of the arrest, an adult male joined the group and offered the minor a ride. He even called the minor to pick him up from his house and headed toward the yeshiva, while there were several other people in the car.

At one point, when the vehicle drove along the Jordan Valley road, a vehicle with a PA license plate appeared at the same time. The vehicle overtook the Israeli vehicle and its occupants began to throw stones at the vehicle in which the minor was traveling.

The driver of the Israeli vehicle stopped the car and the occupants of the car, the minor’s companions for the ride, got out holding axes and began to confront the Arabs.

At the same time, another woman, a "leftist activist," came to photograph the scene. After a short while, the Israeli occupants were arrested, including the minor. For 24 hours, the minor thought he had been arrested for throwing stones, and the undercover agents who appeared to have been arrested along with him tried to create a sense of comradery with him.

The boy told his lawyer, Itamar Ben-Gvir, that during all the moments of the trick, he felt fear that he had found himself in a terror attack.

"It seems that what was is what will be and the Shin Bet has learned nothing from the rejected undercover trick in the Akko prison,” Ben-Gvir said in response. “To take a minor and give him a feeling that his life is in danger and a feeling of Arabs who want to kill him and the occupants of his car come out with axes - this is not a creative trick but an unacceptable trick which embodies emotional abuse and illegality.”

“Unfortunately, this trick shows that the Shin Bet did not seek to find the truth but rather to incriminate at all costs. In any event, it is unfortunate that those measures were used on a minor. My client used his right to remain silent, and gave an alibi after meeting with me. I am happy that he was released, and that even according to the Shin Bet my client has no connection [to the incident under investigation], but it is unfortunate that they played a trick which leaves a scar on the soul of a minor.”

Police said in response: “The investigation is still ongoing and, from the nature of the matter we cannot elaborate on it. At the same time, it should be noted that Israel Police conducts investigations in a professional and thorough manner, while meticulously maintaining the rights of suspects and achieving the purpose of the investigation - arriving at the truth. All investigative activity is carried out legally, subject to the authority vested in us by law and with the approval of an authorized body as required."