Roni Alsheikh
Roni Alsheikh Shlomi Yosef, Globes

The Likud on Tuesday evening blasted former police commissioner Roni Alsheikh, following his comments on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s investigations that were quoted by Channel 12 News on Tuesday evening.

"If it looks like a fixed game and sounds like a fixed game, then it's a fixed game," said the Likud. "Roni Alsheikh contaminated the investigations against Prime Minister Netanyahu and turned them into a process whose outcome is known in advance."

"During the investigations, and now as well, Alsheikh continues to press for an indictment at any price – even when there’s nothing,” added the Likud, stressing, “Only the citizens of Israel will choose who will be the prime minister who will lead the country, and the citizens of Israel will vote against this witch hunt.”

According to the Channel 12 report, Alsheikh had said that Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit would decide to indict Netanyahu.

"Mandelblit crossed the Rubicon and he will not break," the former commissioner said in closed conversations, adding that "I have no doubt that the indictment against the prime minister will include the bribery offense."

"Mandelblit himself also said months ago - this (the attack) against me is on the way," Alsheikh added in those conversations. "The attack by Netanyahu and his people could have a devastating effect on the fabric of relations in Israeli society."

"We are liable to pay an unbearable price. After the elections we will need a lot of work to restore trust in the law enforcement system," added Alsheikh.

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