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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the halting of Qatari funds to the Gaza Strip following the shooting of an IDF soldier by a terrorist from the Hamas-controlled enclave Tuesday.

The next influx of Qatari money was scheduled to take place tomorrow. Earlier this week, Israel allowed the transfers to resume after a two-week ban due to the launching of incendiary balloons and a rocket.

Netanyahu's decision follows the shooting in which a soldier's life was saved when the bullet struck his helmet but failed to penetrate the metal. The soldier was lightly injured and evacuated to Soroka Medical Center.

Shortly before the shooting, terrorists broke through the security fence, sabotaged military equipment, and returned to the Gaza Strip. The IDF responded by firing tank shells at the Hamas position.

An IDF spokesperson stated: "An IDF tank attacked an observation post belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization after an IDF officer was lightly injured in a disturbance in the southern Gaza Strip, which included the throwing of stones at IDF forces. The circumstances of the injury are under investigation."

The IDF later released an additional statement: "Following the earlier investigation, a preliminary investigation revealed that during a riot involving stone throwing, a terrorist opened fire at IDF soldiers, one of whom was lightly injured and was evacuated to the hospital."

"In addition, five suspects approached the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip. Two of the suspects crossed into Israel and returned immediately to the Gaza Strip."

A member of the Hamas terrorist organization was killed by the IDF's retalitory tank fire.

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