US media was in a frenzy over the past several days over a partial videotape of an incident on Saturday in Washington, DC, around the time of the anti-abortion “March for Life”.

In a video that went viral, a group of Catholic high school students from northeastern Kentucky are seen, some wearing the familiar red baseball caps with Donald Trump's campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” smiling at an old Native American man drumming on a traditional drum, imitating his singing.

The video drew outrage from leftists, some of whom even called to expose the personal details of the young people and harm them.

Later, however, additional videos from the incident were uploaded. It turns out that the young men had been standing in one place. For a long time they were harassed by a handful of demonstrators from the black supremacist group the Black Hebrew Israelites, who were screaming racist slurs. The Native American man then approached them and drummed in front of them.

The students said they smiled at the man, later identified as activist Nathan Phillips, because they weren't sure if he backed the Black Hebrew Israelites or if he was sympathetic to their plight, as the black supremacist activists called them "incest babies" and claimed that the existence of white people its itself a form of terrorism.

Full video of encounter: