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The Qatari ambassador to Gaza confirmed on Monday that a fresh tranche of Qatari funds for Hamas civil servants in Gaza will be delivered via Israel this week, AFP reports.

The envoy, Mohammed al-Emadi, said he expected to bring the $15 million into Gaza in the coming days, with funds to be distributed immediately.

"We are due to go to Gaza before the end of the week, most likely on Wednesday night," he told AFP by message from Doha.

"We will pay the third payment," he added, referring to two payments in previous months.

The funds pay the salaries of roughly 40,000 Hamas civil servants, as well as providing financial assistance to poor families in Gaza.

Israel asked Qatar to stop its transfer of funds to Gaza two weeks ago, following an escalation in violence from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, including the launching of a rocket and incendiary balloons.

On Sunday, however, Israel decided to allow the resumption of the money transfers in light of the reduction in violence from Gaza over the last week.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has faced right-wing criticism of the agreement, with former Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman resigning in November, accusing Netanyahu of being soft on Hamas.

On Sunday, Liberman launched his election campaign by attacking Netanyahu over his policy vis-à-vis Gaza.

"You have to understand that Netanyahu failed on many security issues, and the big failure is his submission to Hamas," Liberman said. "There is no greater shame than that, and I hope that at last people will understand it. Then they will look at the sequence of events and realize that they need a leader who does not get confused and does not fold [in the face of terrorism]."

"The decision to have a ceasefire after the firing of 500 rockets was the main reason I resigned as defense minister," Liberman continued.

"While Netanyahu takes off for Chad, just a few hours later, the Qatari emissary is bringing suitcases with another $15 million that is due to enter the Gaza Strip today, or at the latest tomorrow," added the Yisrael Beytenu chairman. "A trip to Africa cannot cover up this shame, the surrender of a sovereign state with a strong army and security services to a terrorist organization."