Dried fruit
Dried fruitKobi Gideon / Flash 90

On Monday, Israelis observed the 'Tu B'Shvat' holiday, the 15th day of the month of Shvat in the Hebrew calendar, marking the New Year for Trees that coincides with the start of trees blooming in the Land of Israel after the opening of the rainy season.

In Israel It is customary to eat dried fruits on Tu B'Shvat.

To help IDF soldiers celebrate, the Defense Ministry has purchased some 10 tons of nuts and dried fruits, which it distributed to units across the country.

This year, 500 kilograms of almonds, 1 ton of peanuts, 2,000 kg of raisins, 500 kg of walnuts, 1,500 kg of dried apricots, 1,000 kg of banana chips and 500 kg of cranberries were purchased for IDF units throughout Israel.

The procurement of these fruits was carried out by the Purchasing Manager of the Ministry of Defense together with the Food Center of the Technology and Logistics Division. All for the welfare of IDF soldiers and commanders.