A fight broke out in the Jordanian Parliament last week during a session discussing labor laws, when MP Khalil Attieh, also known as Abu Hussein, physically attacked MP Muhammad Al-Baraysah.

Attieh had been talking about the right of MPs to speak freely during session when Al-Baraysah interrupted him. Attieh told him to shut up and then started rushing across the room towards him. Other MPs intervened and restrained the two men.

The video of the fight was posted by Rum Online News and was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The Jordanian Parliament is no stranger to fights among its members. In 2013, a Member of Parliament opened fire using an AK-47 on one of his colleagues during a Foreign Affairs Council meeting.

Days earlier, a parliamentarian was involved in a scuffle when he tried to attack another MP for accusations the latter made against the Jordanian Prime Minister. A video of the parliamentary session captured the brawl taking place between the two parliament members.

In May of that year, fisticuffs broke out in the Jordanian Parliament after an MP interrupted the Prime Minister as he was talking.