Doctor (illustration)
Doctor (illustration)Photo: iStock

A senior doctor at an Israeli hospital has drawn criticism after he allegedly said he would refuse to treat Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

According to a report Tuesday by Israel Hayom, the chief of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center’s neurology department, Dr. Yaron River, told medical staff members including doctors and nurses that if Prime Minister Netanyahu were brought to the hospital for treatment, he would refuse to treat the premier.

Located in the coastal city of Hadera, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is the closest hospital to Netanyahu’s private residence in Caesarea.

Dr. River reportedly made the comments several days ago in the hospital’s neurology department, saying: “We need to throw him out, take him down.”

When asked to whom he was referring, Dr. River said he was talking about Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“He lives in Caesarea, and if he is brought here I won’t treat him,” Dr. River continued, according to the report.