This morning, after leaving Sakhnin towards the Lotem settlement, two private SUVs tried to traverse Nachal Hilazon through shallow water, but suddenly the water level rose sharply and the vehicles were swept away by the current.

Caught in a "water trap" the drivers called the police for help. Soon four fire brigades were sent to the scene, including a special Central Galilee rescue unit.

Thanks to the coordinated and highly professional action of the rescuers, two drivers and a passenger were extracted from the half-sunken cars stuck under a bridge, while firefighters used a civilian truck with a crane to carry out the rescue operation.

Additional video from the scene can be found by clicking here.

Last week during army training in the north of Israel, 20-year-old Eviatar Yosefi was carried away by an unusually strong current in the same Nahal Hilazon brook and drowned.