Poster protesting draft
Poster protesting draft Flash 90

MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beyteinu) will petition the Supreme Court to join the petition against the Draft Law as an amicus curiae (a "friend of the court", one who is not a party to a case and who assists by offering information, expertise, or insight with bearing on issues in the case).

Through this procedure, Forer will ask the judges, on behalf of the Yisrael Beyteinu faction, to reject the State's request to grant it an additional six months to enact the new Draft Law.

"After receiving an extension until tomorrow, January 15, 2019, to enact a new Draft Law, the government continues to avoid advancing the bill it approved," Forer explained today.

MK Oded Forer
MK Oded Forer Hezki Baruch

"The capitulation to the haredim while dragging the public, only to postpone the enlistment bill again and again, points to the government having lost its way, neglecting the Israeli public," he said. "It's impossible to deal by submitting to blackmail. A government that convened the Knesset last week for a special meeting to approve distributing political gifts to two new ministers can convene the Knesset now and approve the bill in second and third readings.

"The bill was approved by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation at the Knesset plenum in first reading and can be passed on second and third reading. There's no reason for Israeli citizens to be held hostage by Deputy Minister Litzman, who's turned the government into his own authority. The Draft Law written and brought to the Knesset by the Defense Ministry is the law that must be passed, and any attempt by the government to postpone the decision on this issue scorns and ridicules the defense establishment and the citizens of Israel serving in the IDF."

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