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Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed during Sunday's cabinet meeting that Israel had carried out an attack on Iranian weapon storehouses at the Damascus international airport over the weekend, following reports of an Israeli strike in Syria.

"Only in the past 36 hours the air force attacked storehouses of Iran with Iranian weapons at the Damascus international airport," Netanyahu revealed, as he thanked outgoing IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot for his service in the IDF over the past 40 years, and his work as chief of staff in the past 4.

"We are more determined than ever to act against Iran in Syria, just as we promised. Overnight, the air force also attacked in Gaza, and this morning we announced the discovery of the tunnel in the north, possibly the most important one to cross the border into our territory.

"Thus, we approach the conclusion of the goal we defined: to cancel out Hezbollah's tunnel weapons."

נתניהו נפרד מהרמטכ"ל איזנקוט

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