Marci Wiesel
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How does a woman go through difficult trials, yet see them as building experiences?

When the Yom Kippur prayers really are a matter of life and death, how does one come out uplifted?

How do the building of a home, a bat mitzva, and a birth all connect to cancer?

Marci Wiesel is an artist who creates unique and beautiful papercuts inscribed with inspiring verses from Jewish sources. She made aliyah and in Israel continued creating beautiful and original artwork.

Two major trials rocked her family after aliyah, but Marci found the inner strength to maintain her faith and her optimism. One intense year, which included her husband's cancer diagnosis, ended in major changes within the lives of her whole family.

Marci describes what they went through with such dignity and spirituality, and how these trials took her art to a new level.