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Moti Mor Yosef, father of IDF soldier Yovel Mor Yosef, received with mixed feelings the announcement this week of the capture of the terrorist who carried out the shooting attack at the Givat Assaf junction, where Yovel and another soldier, Yosef Cohen, were murdered.

Mor Yosef told Arutz Sheva that the terrorist should have been eliminated like his brother. "When the Netzach Yehuda battalion commander called me and said he was caught, I felt a certain relief, but we were certain that they would eliminate him like they eliminated his brother. This is a family of murderers with a rich past of terrorism.”

"He was recently released from prison. So what is there to interrogate him about now? They should have expelled this family from the country and then the attack in Ofra and my son's attack would have been prevented. It's a shame that they left him alive," added the bereaved father.

"I imagine that there will be a trial, I have no interest in seeing his face, if I see him, I will stick a knife in his back. Unfortunately, my son is not here while he is alive. He has received so far half a million shekels from the Palestinian Authority, from the money the Prime Minister transfers to them, his life is going to be much better and all this only encourages more terror."

Mor Yosef wondered why the promise to demolish the terrorist's home has not yet been fulfilled. "The Prime Minister said immediately after the attack that his home would be demolished within 48 hours and it was not done. It’s all talk. We will fight the government and cry out, I call on everyone to wake up and take to the streets.”

"In order to eradicate terror, we must expel all the families of the terrorists and collaborators, destroy their village and build homes for Jews instead. This is a village of terror, they helped him obtain weapons and the vehicle with an Israeli plate without which the attack would not have been carried out," continued Mor Yosef, who said that the next attack is only a matter of time.

"Until now I also sat on the sidelines, I saw the news and I hurt for those who were murdered, but I did not come to the demonstrations, and that was a mistake, but here I am now. I pray that no one will be hurt but we are all in the sights of the terrorists, every mother in Israel should start worrying. We have to demonstrate in front of the Prime Minister, raise our voices so that the government will legislate the death penalty for terrorists, the expulsion of families and the demolition of homes. Only in this way will we eradicate terrorism.”

"Unfortunately, our country is a delusional state and there is no deterrence today. My only consolation is that the terrorist at this moment cannot harm anyone, but for us it does not matter anymore, our family is dead,” concluded the bereaved father.

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