Orban delivering State of the Union Address
Orban delivering State of the Union Address Reuters

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called on all European Union political forces opposed to Muslim immigration to Europe to unite and form a right-wing alliance within the European Union to prevent further Muslim immigration to the continent.

In a belligerent speech in Budapest, Orban accused the leaders of France and Germany of helping Muslim immigrants enter Europe and said, "I have to fight Emmanuel Macron," the French president.

"It is not a personal matter but the future of our countries. If what he wants with immigration will be realized in Europe, it will be very bad for Hungary, so I have to fight it," Orban said.

He also referred to the visit of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini to Poland, where he discussed with the Polish government an alliance to work together against the EU's immigration policy. Urban called on Italy and Poland to join the right-wing bloc to block further immigration and take control of EU institutions.

"The Polish-Italian alliance is one of the most important developments that began this year, and Salvini is a hero in stopping the continued migration to the shores of Italy," he said.

Orban also criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her immigration policy. "There is no possibility of a compromise with Germany on immigration, despite the constant pressure from Berlin on the Hungarian government to take a certain amount of immigrants to our territory."

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