Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu Kobi Richter/TPS

An official with knowledge of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s investigations said on Wednesday that the Prime Minister's statement earlier this week, in which he said he demanded a confrontation with the state witnesses in cases linked to him, was inaccurate.

According to Hadashot TV, when Netanyahu first asked for a confrontation, he told his interrogators, “I want a confrontation very much, but I have to check with my lawyers, I do not know if they will want to do it.”

It was also reported that the second time he asked for a confrontation, Netanyahu said, “I want to hold a confrontation, but I want to consult with my lawyers again.”

The senior official close to the investigation said that the interrogators replied to the Prime Minister, “If you want, it is possible to hold a confrontation.”

He added that "since the last interrogation half a month ago, we heard nothing from him, neither from him nor from his lawyers, on this matter. When he or they wanted to talk to us or comment on something, they knew how to find us.”

“We understood exactly the opposite, that he did not want a confrontation because he did not get back to us. To say now, that the investigation has concluded, that he wants a confrontation is only an attempt by him to stop the decision which he understands is expected to be made very soon," continued the official.

The Prime Minister's lawyers responded to the official’s remarks and said, "The Prime Minister rejects the attempt to pass over to him the failure of not holding a confrontation with the state witnesses."

"The Prime Minister initiated and demanded twice to confront the state witnesses and the fact that there was no confrontation is a failure that rests entirely on the shoulder of the police. Even this evening the Prime Minister reiterates his demand for a confrontation," the attorneys said.