Yovel Mor Yosef
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The parents of soldier Yovel Mor Yosef, who was murdered in the attack near Givat Assaf a month ago, on Wednesday appealed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to stop the transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority.

The parents sent a letter with data provided by the former chief prosecutor in Judea and Samaria and which indicates that the murderer and his family received half a million shekels.

"We are turning to you, Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, our Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. Today marked 30 days since the murder of our dear son Yovel and his friend. Yesterday, the despicable murderer was caught, and in recent days we also received Yovel’s belongings. We demand that you, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense, stop all the funds that are transferred to the government of terror," the parents in their letters.

They added, "We have data showing that the despicable terrorist received half a million shekels in exchange for attacks he had committed in the past, and his family lives off these funds. We know that in the future he and his family will receive tens of thousands of shekels, and ask that all the money sent to the Palestinian Authority be stopped immediately. We demand this in order to prevent the next attacks and their desire to harm."

In addition to Mor Yosef, a second soldier, Yosef Cohen, was murdered in the Givat Assaf attack as well. Both of them served in the Nahal Haredi-Netzach Yehuda battalion.