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General Uzi Dayan Eliran Aharon

General (res.) Uzi Dayan announced that he will run for a place on the next Likud list in the Knesset. He told Arutz Sheva, "I think that the right wing camp in general, and the Likud in particular, needs to be promoted."

"In the Knesset, there are too many people who were not elected by citizens, but were put on the list, and in the current Knesset there will be those who are jumping between parties for the third time - it is a real danger to democracy," he warned.

"There were a lot of inquiries that led me to the conclusion that more people with proven experience, clear national positions and loyalty to the way are needed today in politics, so I joined the primaries of Likud, of which I have already been a member for more than 10 years."

Dayan believes that the prime minister was wronged in the conduct of the law enforcement system in cases linked to him. "The prime minister is fighting, rightly, for his innocence. He has been given a summary trial amid persecution that is very problematic. The arms of law enforcement must be allowed to work. It is not clear why the attorney general is in such a hurry, and why now."

"It must be remembered that damage is not only being done to an incumbent prime minister, but to an entire population. The Likud is not accused of anything, and this harms not only the Likud but the whole right-wing camp. So there is an entire public on the right side of the map which is not connected or investigated, and they harm it by insisting on continuing the process during an election period. It is also a matter that lowers the trust of this public in the law enforcement system and in the judiciary," Dayan explained.

Dayan, who was formerly IDF head of Central Command, thinks that there is an attempt to take out of context incidents such as the arrest of the youths by the Shin Bet: "The lives of Jews are in danger, not of Arabs. 'Jewish terror' is a marginal phenomenon that must be dealt with and condemned, but everything must be taken in proportion. Those who have to be protected and whose lives are in danger are the Jews. "

He said that Israel should be more determined in its fight against terrorism. "Deterrence must be advanced. Terror can be deterred - though that doesn’t always help - but deterrence is an important part. We need to go as far as possible. I am in favor of expelling the families of terrorists, and this should be done immediately, even if it is inside Judea and Samaria. With regard to house demolitions, we do not even have to change legislation."

The issue of borders also troubles him. "The most urgent thing now is the shaping of the borders of our defense. We have a border like that in the south and we do not want to change it as long as the agreement with Egypt is not broken in Sinai, and it is known that we help them fight terror in their own territory as well. The Golan is in our hands, and that border is excellent. The eastern border needs to be the Jordan Valley - mainly because it now has fewer than 5,000 Jews."

"We have to quadruple the number of Jews there, and we need to ensure economic development. There is no visitors’ center there, not even a single hotel. Agriculture is flourishing there, but there needs to be increased investment in infrastructure, commerce and industry and, in particular, in bringing in more residents. In building it as a defensible border and making it clear that we are there now and always," Dayan establishes as his central political goal.

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