Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised the Shin Bet following the arrest of the terrorist behind the Givat Assaf shooting attack last month, and defended the organization from criticism of its handling of the detention of several Jewish minors.

"Several hours ago we captured the reprehensible murderer from Givat Assaf and Ofra. For this I commend the [Israel Police] special anti-terror unit, the IDF and especially the ISA (Shin Bet), which is the best counter-terrorism organization of its kind in the world. We owe it much. It does its work with professionalism and dedication. There are no grounds for attacks on it," he said.

Two IDF soldiers were murdered in the attack at the Givat Assaf Junction.

The Shin Bet has been criticized for its treatment of several minors who were arrested on suspicion of murdering an Arab woman in a stone-throwing attack in October. The youths' parents has accused the Shin Bet of mistreating their children and have expressed fears that they are being tortured.