'Revenge' spray-painted near vandalized olive trees
'Revenge' spray-painted near vandalized olive treesPolice spokesperson

Israeli police received a complaint Tuesday morning regarding an apparent ‘Price Tag’ act of vandalism against an Arab olive grove in Judea.

Local Arabs reported that a number of olive trees in the Mount Hevron area south of Hevron had been damaged, and the word ‘Nekama’, Hebrew for ‘revenge’, had been spray-painted nearby.

A Star of David was also painted at the scene.

Police have opened a probe following the complaint.

Investigators are planning to visit the scene of the alleged Price Tag vandalism, with a heavy IDF escort.

In recent years, vandals have targeted Arab property following terror attacks and army evacuations of unauthorized outposts, spray-painting graffiti in Arab villages or damaging Arab-owned buildings and vehicles. The incidents have been dubbed “Price Tag” attacks, stemming from the slogan sometimes spray-painted by the vandals suggesting that the acts of vandalism are intended to ‘put a price’ on terror attacks or evacuations of settlement outposts.