Ester Silvers
Ester SilversBy PR

Ester Silvers, author of two novels, Sondra's Search and Growing With My Cousin, as well as the spiritual blog It's All From Hashem, tells her story.

It's a story of miracles. Everyday miracles and life-long miracles.

The very fact that small town Ester, born in Wichita, Kansas, and who spent time in other towns with a small Jewish presence, became a Torah observant Jew, is a miracle. The fact that she and her husband, on a whim while visiting Israel, decided to uproot their family and make Aliyah, is another miracle. Now living in the small town of Shilo, north of Jerusalem, Ester witnesses miracles on a daily basis.

Though she always wanted to be a writer, her dreams were shelved when she was discouraged by her college professor. It was after the murder of her friend Rachela Druck, twenty years ago, that her pull to write returned. She has published many articles and short stories, writes an active blog, and now has two novels to her name.

Tune in to hear Ester's great story.