Moshe Arens as Defense Minister in 1991
Moshe Arens as Defense Minister in 1991 Yossi Zamir

The IDF released a statement expressing its sorrow over the passing of former Defense Minister Moshe Arens, saying that Arens "led the shaping of the face of the Israeli defense establishment over the years.

"During his tenure as Minister of Defense in the Israeli government, Mr. Arens laid down important elements in the IDF's building of strength, its power, and its technological renewal. A man of vision, Moshe Arens succeeded in creating a long list of important, forward-looking changes in the defense establishment and the IDF that have enabled and still enable a more correct and adapted confrontation to the challenges of the present and the future," the army stated.

Arens, who was a mentor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and an activist for the Irgun movement prior to the founding of the State of Israel, passed away Monday at the age of 93.